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Are you a small company? And you need a specific IT solution. And you need it fast, because you feel you are getting pushed out from your market position by competitors who grow faster?

We know that you tried to buy off-the-shelf solutions and they did not work out. These pesky programs just have a bad habit of not doing EXACTLY what you need them to do. You get all the bells and whistles, but what you need is just not there! Must be really annoying.

Let me guess. You are here because you need a SPECIFIC IT solution. Maybe a workflow management system to synchronize your business processes? Or a website of your own? Or maybe a new office network or a facility automation system?

The myth
: large enterprises can handle all IT-related work efficiently by having dedicated teams of IT personnel for specific tasks – network maintenance, programming, internal customer support.

The reality : while day-to-day tasks can be done efficiently, any other tasks that are unique or occur only once during the implementation of a bigger project will drain the resources of the enterprise faster than if the task is outsourced to a specialized team.

Enetix Software has three lines of services:

- Software Services
- Network Services
- Business Analysis Services
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